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About Us

Western Maine Health Care Corporation
Board of Trustees

Chairman David Hoisington
Vice Chairman David J. Preble
Secretary / Treasurer Peter Chapman
Allen Connors
C. Bradley Cummings
Larry Farmer, OD
  Lynn Hamper
Gregory Hardy, MD
  Kate Herlihy, MD
William L. Medd, MD
  Ola Melhus, MD
  Ted Moccia
  Tom Morton
  Wendy Penley
Ann Stanley
  Patricia Weigel
Robin Zinchuk

Ex-Officio with Vote

  Timothy A. Churchill President & CEO, Western Maine Health
  James Eshleman, DO, Medical Staff President

Ex-Officio without Vote

  William L. Caron, Jr., President MaineHealth
  Brian Nolan, MD, Medical Staff President-Elect
  Rebecca Chagrasulis, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs


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Health Information

181 Main Street, Norway, Maine 04268 | (207) 743-5933, TTY (for the hearing impaired): (207) 743-1597