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Your Surgical Experience ~ Bramhall Campus
The Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

After surgery, your loved one will recover in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).  Please read over the information below so you know what to do and what to expect.
  • The PACU is a critical care area with many patients. To ensure the privacy of all patients, please stay focused on your family members during your visit.

  • There are computers in the family waiting area where you can check on the progress of your loved one. 
    here to see how to read the screen.

  • Each patient is cared for by a registered nurse.

  • Families are asked not to bring children under 15 years of age to the PACU.
  • We are unable to provide supervision for children in the waiting room.

  • Visitors are asked not to bring food into the unit.

  • Restrooms and telephones are not available. We can tell you where to find ones you may use.

  • Cellular phones cannot be used in the unit. We can tell you where you may use your phone.

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Adult Patients

If the patient will be in the PACU for less than 3 hours, we ask that you wait to visit when they return to the Ambulatory Surgical Unit or to their hospital room.

If the patient is in the PACU for 3 hours or more, one or two adult family members may visit breifly with the permission of the nurse.

The PACU nurse will be happy to talk with you about how your loved one is doing.  Early in recovery the nurse will be very busy caring for the patient.  Please wait at least 1 hour before asking staff to call the PACU for you.

Guardians or interpreters may stay with the patient.

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Pediatric Patients

Two adult family members are able to stay with the child in the PACU.  The nurse will call family in soon after the child arrives.

Children may cry, be restless, or be very sleepy after surgery.  When possible, you may hold or rock you child.

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Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Adult Patients

Pediatric Patients

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