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Welcome to the Healing Hearts: Heart Failure Care Program at MaineHealth

If you or someone in your family has heart failure or you're a clinician working with patients with heart failure, this website is for you. It's provided to help improve care and outcomes for people with heart failure and offers information on how to manage heart failure and find support.

You can do this! Successful heart failure management includes working closely with your healthcare team, as well as taking action every day to manage your heart health through diet and exercise and by weighing yourself daily. If you have heart failure, be sure to:

  • Download a copy of the Heart Failure Zone Chart and weigh yourself every day. Take action following the Heart Failure Zone Chart.
  • Get a flu shot every fall. Flu symptoms can make your heart failure symptoms worse.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, think seriously about quitting. Even secondhand smoke will make your heart failure symptoms worse and harm those around you. If you're not ready to quit, smoke only outside your home or car. Find out how to get help quitting from the Maine Tobacco HelpLine, 800-207-1230. 
  • See the guide, "Healing Hearts: Living Well with HF"





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